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15 February, 2017

China plans floating nuclear power plants by 2020

China’s next generation nuclear vision includes rolling out a series of floating marine power plants to light up offshore initiatives by 2020, a government spokesperson for science and technology has confirmed.

A five-year-plan published in March 2016 detailed China’s desire to boost its nuclear generating capacity. The development plan also pledged to “strengthen” sea oil and gas exploration, a goal that would be buoyed by offshore nuclear sites.

According to Wang Yiren, a director at China’s State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, floating nuclear stations will help provide the extra juice necessary for powering China.

Yiren told China’s Science and Technology Daily that offshore energy supplies such as diesel generators are inefficient for offshore initiatives such as oil drilling.

He confirmed floating power platforms are a major component of China’s latest five-year plan, while the Atomic Energy Agency has conducted research into key technology for the development.


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