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28 February, 2017

Britain faces great terror threat since 1970s

Britain is facing a level of terrorism threat not seen since the bombings by the Irish Republican Army (IRA) in the 1970s, the country's new terrorism watchdog has warned.

Max Hill, named earlier this week as Britain's new independent reviewer of terrorism legislation, warned that so-called Islamic State (IS) terrorists are planning indiscriminate attacks on innocent civilians on a scale similar to those perpetrated by the IRA 40 years ago.

Hill, the lawyer tasked with overseeing British laws on terrorism, told the Sunday Telegraph that Islamists were targeting British cities, adding there was an "enormous ongoing risk which none of us can ignore".

He expressed enormous concern at the imminent return of hundreds of British jihadists who have been fighting for the IS in Syria.

He also warned that British teenagers as young as 14 are being radicalized online by extremist videos and hate speech.


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