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28 February, 2017

Bill Clinton informed about 9/11 during his presidency

CIA Files

The newly released archive of 13 million pages by CIA includes the memo under the title Bin Ladin Preparing To Hijack US Aircraft and Other Attacks, proving that Bill Clinton had already been informed about 9/11-type Al-Qaeda operations.

Key parts:

Reporting suggest Bin Ladin and his allies are preparing for attacks in the US, including an aircraft hijacking to obtain the release of Shaykh Umar Abd al-Rahman, Ramzi Yousef, and Muhammad Sadiq Awda. One source quoted a senior member of the Gama at al-Islamiyya (IG) saying that, as of late October, the IG had completed planning for an operation in the US on behalf of Bin Ladin, but that the operation was on hold. A senior Bin Ladin operative from Saudi Arabia was to visit IG counterparts in the US soon thereafter to discuss options – perhaps including an aircraft hijacking.

IG leader Islambuli in late September was planning to hijack a US airliner during the “next couple of weeks” to free Abd al-Rahman and the other prisoners, according to what may be a different source. The same source late last month said that Bin Ladin might implement plans to hijack US aircraft before the beginning of Ramadan on 20 December and that two members of the operational team had evaded security checks during a recent trial at an unidentified New York airport.

Some members of the Bin Ladin network have received hijack training, according to various sources, but no group directly tied to Bin Ladin's al-Qaida organization has ever carried out an aircraft hijacking. Bin Ladin could be weighing other types of operations against US aircraft.

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