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06 January, 2017

Two killed in Izmir explosion, PKK suspected of attack

A police officer and a courthouse employee have been killed in an explosion outside Izmir courthouse in western Turkey. The governor of Izmir said that initial findings suggest Kurdish PKK militants were behind the attack.

Reuters reports that two suspected attackers have been killed following clashes with police.

Dogan News Agency reports that a search has begun for a third suspect, citing the state-run Andalou agency.

Five other people were injured in the blast, according to the governor of Izmir, Erol Ayyildiz.

The news outlet reports that a car bomb exploded right in front of the flag near the courthouse, causing damage to several vehicles.

Police officers are believed to be among the injured, according to Dogan.

The governor of Izmir has confirmed the deaths of a police officer and a courthouse employee, and said five people were injured in the attack, some critically.

He said the attackers were armed with Kalashnikov rifles and grenades. Initial investigations suggest the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) were responsible for the attack, according to the governor.


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