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12 January, 2017

Trump slips further into the neocon/deep state agenda - Russia placed next to China!

After giving another great show, condemning directly some of the mainstream media in order to retain his 'anti-establishment' profile, Donald Trump showed some very worried signs that he slips further into the neocon/US deep state agenda.

During his first formal press conference following his election, Trump answered some questions from the journalists at the end. Specific answers show that Trump has significantly moved from his initial position of trying to avoid to name Russia as being directly responsible for hacking against the US. He showed that, this time, is sure about that.

Some characteristic responses:

The United States is hacked by everybody. That includes Russia and China and everybody.

In the next question, he confirmed again that he accepts that Russia was behind the DNC hacking, ending "but you know what, could have been others also ...". Further confirmation came through the next question where Trump was asked about his message to Putin, concerning the alleged Russian hacking. He said that "He shouldn't be doing it, he won't be doing it ..."

Of course, China wouldn't be left without the 'appropriate' comment again: “Russia and other countries, including China, which is taken total advantage of us economically, total advantage of us in the South China Sea by building their massive fortress ... all countries will respect us far more than they did under past administrations ...

That was it. Despite playing the 'tough guy' who talks straight against the establishment mouthpieces, Trump is being increasingly dragged towards the establishment agenda, receiving ongoing pressure by the media jackals to start 'moving away' from Putin and Russia. Apparently, they didn't have to do anything to push him show a hostile behaviour against China.

And his term didn't even start officially yet. With this 'momentum', by the middle of his term, he will become the most faithful puppet of the neoliberal/neocon agenda. He could provoke a dangerous conflict both with Russia and China. Hillary would be jealous!

We can hope of course that Trump is only trying to calm down the warmongering neocons, in order to find some space to implement his own foreign policy, but it is really doubtful. He has already formed a cabinet of plutocrats and tough Far-Right conservatives, it is doubtful that he will manage to control the pressure from the neocons/deep state.

As described previously: “The ruthless neo-colonialists will not hesitate to confront Russia and China directly, if they see that they continue to lose control in the global geopolitical arena. The accumulation of military presence of NATO next to the Russian borders, as well as, the accumulation of military presence of the US in Asia-Pacific, show that this is an undeniable fact.

Full press conference:

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