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31 January, 2017

SYRIZA MEP: IMF-Schäuble have a plan to loot Greece

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In a recent interview on the Greek radio Athina 9.84, the member of the European parliament with SYRIZA, Stelios Kouloglou, referred to the recent Eurogroup.

He said - among other things - that Eurogroup announcements should be treated very carefully, as 'the devil hides in the details' and Greece's creditors are pushing for privatizations. This is a serious dilemma because privatizations at this moment could be done only in very low prices which are not beneficial for the country.

He also said that either the Greek government will choose to break the deals with the creditors, or, compromise concerning the requested measures and privatizations. Behind all these, there is a secret plan for the looting of the country. We have to deal with economic hitmen, he said characteristically. Until now, the government made compromises, but didn't retreat to the looting.

Schäuble wants to overthrow the Greek government. He prefers the obedient Mitsotakis and also wants to restructure eurozone through Greece: if Greece falls again in a hard situation, he will be able to make the institutional changes he wants in order to create a German Europe, Kouloglou continued.

Concerning the Left, he said that, the Left takes the power in order to do some things towards the improvement of people's lives. The international environment does not allow the Left to make the reforms it wants.

He said that Mitsotakis accepts Schäuble's views while discredits Greek efforts and positive economic results admitted by Commission. If Greece's creditors wanted their money back, they should push towards stability not instability.

It's about a financial war with Schäuble's plan to be used against Greece in order to change Europe. Europe should normally close the Greek appraisal, especially after the rise of the Far Right and Trump's election.

The Germans don't know that Greeks are working more hours than them. They think that they pay us, but they make money from the loans. This argument will be used by Schäuble during his campaign, accusing Greece and taking advantage of the political crisis, Kouloglou ended.



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