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14 January, 2017

Official: Germany seeks independence from the US empire!

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, completely confirmed a recent article by the blog, about the role of Germany and its strategic plans to gain independence from the US empire, to dominate in Europe.

As has been analyzed:

While Greece was the major victim of an economic war, Germany used its economic power and control of the European Central Bank to impose unprecedented austerity, sado-monetarism and neoliberal destruction through silent financial coups in Ireland, Italy and Cyprus.

Germany would never let the United States to lead the neo-colonization in Europe, as it tries (again) to become a major power with its own sphere of influence, expanding throughout eurozone and beyond. As the situation in Europe becomes more and more critical with the ongoing economic and refugee crisis and the rise of the Far-Right and the nationalists, the economic war mostly between the US and the German big capital, creates an even more complicated situation.

The decline of the US-German relations has been exposed initially with the NSA interceptions scandal, yet, progressively, the big picture came on surface, revealing a transatlantic economic war between banking and corporate giants. In times of huge multilevel crises, the big capital always intensifies its efforts to eliminate competitors too. As a consequence, the US has seen another key ally, Germany, trying to gain a certain degree of independence in order to form its own agenda, separate from the US interests.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned European Union leaders they cannot rely on the "eternal guarantee" of US support, as concerns continue to grow about incoming President Donald Trump's commitment to trans-Atlantic ties.

Speaking to the press in Brussels as she received an honorary joint doctorate from Ghent and Louvain universities, Merkel said "traditional partners" could no longer be relied upon to "closely cooperate" with Europe on issues such as defense. Moreover, Merkel said to do so would be "naive" at a time when the continent was facing its "biggest challenges" in decades.


Andrea Frontini, policy analyst at European Policy Centre, said Brexit and the incoming Trump administration had made the need for European strategic autonomy in security and defense matters "more and more compelling."

Merkel's statements could be considered an official declaration of Germany's deeper desire to become an autonomous power that will dominate in the European continent.

It is obvious that Germany will seek to take advantage both from Brexit and the Trump presidency.

Brexit will give the chance to Germany to increase influence due to the change of power balance, especially now that France appears weak - crawling behind Berlin's austerity, sado-monetarism and neoliberal destruction. Of course, things can become more complicated with the potential rise of Marine Le Pen in power. Recall that, recently, Le Pen stated that she will take France out of both EU and NATO.

Concerning the oncoming Trump administration, it appears that Merkel is using it as a pretext to justify the willingness of Germany to gain complete autonomy from the US. The silent war between US and Germany has started long before Trump, probably even before the major financial crisis of 2007-08.

In fact, it would not be exaggerating to hypothesize that the German big capital was dreaming to dominate in Europe since the fall of the Berlin wall. It has started with the Treuhand operation through which it has looted the public property of East Germany. Today it expands the operation throughout eurozone with Greece being the most vandalized victim.


  1. Anonymous16/1/17 02:04

    Greece is bancrupt. Not because of Austerity. Greece spend too much.

    1. Anonymous16/1/17 02:26

      Obsolete? Austerity came after Greece went bancrupt and wanted foreign money.