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09 December, 2016

Syrian army forces liberate 85% of eastern Aleppo

The Syrian army troops and their allied forces are now in control of about 85 percent of militant-held eastern part of Aleppo as they press ahead with an all-out offensive to fully dislodge foreign-backed terrorists from the northwestern city.

On Thursday, the so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported heavy clashes between government troops and militants in the occupied areas of eastern Aleppo, including Bustan al-Qasr, Saif al-Dawla, Zibdiya, Sukkari and Kallaseh.

Intense bombardment has been reported on militant positions in the embattled city while Syrian armed forces are also conducting clean-up operations in the liberated areas.

The intensity of the Syrian army’s offensive has cornered the militants in a shrinking enclave in Aleppo’s southeast on the defensive, forcing them to demand five-day ceasefire, in a call viewed as an attempt to rebuild their ranks.

According to the Observatory, some 80,000 civilians have fled from the militant-held areas to government-controlled parts.

Syria has set up several humanitarian corridors to facilitate the exit of civilians from the eastern districts. Reports coming out of Aleppo say the terrorists are using people as human shields to slow the army’s advances.

The Observatory said Wednesday that Syrian government forces liberated the entire neighborhoods in Old City of Aleppo as part of a large-scale military operation to flush foreign-backed Takfiri militants out of the strategic city.

The London-based monitoring group added that Syrian soldiers had established complete control over the historic area after militants withdrew in the face of army advances overnight.


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