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31 December, 2016

Obama makes it even worse right before delivering to Trump

Instead of trying to save anything left from his reputation, Barack Obama proceeded in one more action that put the final gravestone on it. The preposterous action of the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats, demonstrates the tragic dead-end which the US foreign policy currently faces.

Obama 'managed' to:

  • Reduce the behaviour of a superpower into that of a minor country that acts carelessly.

  • Expose the decline of the US empire.

  • Give extra credits to Russia, especially after the 'checkmate' from Putin who took advantage of this absolutely irresponsible action, declaring, indirectly, that he will not act with the same irresponsibility.

  • Give extra credits to Donald Trump who has been presented as an 'oncoming disaster' by the mainstream media. Compared to Obama's irresponsibility, Trump will look as a much more responsible president who tries to normalize relations with Russia, instead of dangerously ruin them.

Apart from the fact that the leaks were showing the dirty games of the Democratic party, even against its own candidates, like Bernie Sanders, there is actually no evidence that Russia was involved in the leaks.

Obama also proved that he is the most easily handled puppet by the neocons and the US deep state who show, however, that they are in panic, after their absolute failure in meeting their goals in Syria and elsewhere.

Obama dragged in dirty proxy wars that brought absolute chaos in the Middle East, Libya and elsewhere. Now, he was dragged in another totally irresponsible action against Russia.

With the extra credits from this action, Trump will come in full force to wipe out what is left of the US middle class, securing the interests of the plutocracy.

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