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16 November, 2016

Up to 600,000 people are short of food in Burundi

Some 600,000 people are short of food in Burundi due to drought and flooding in the past year and the number could rise to 700,000 by next year, a World Food Program official said.

Most of those affected are in five provinces in the north and east of the central African country where around 65,000 people are reported to have fled their villages. It adds to the challenges experienced by the country of 11 million people that has been in a political crisis and witnessed sporadic violence for more than a year.

The situation is alarming in the north of the country except that we cannot technically talk of famine… we speak of situation with high food insecurity; what is called ‘red phase’ but not famine,” Charles Vincent, WFP Burundi country representative, told Reuters.

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