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25 November, 2016

Bad move Jill!

Open letter to Jill Stein

Dear Dr. Stein, we know that the whole system is rigged not only in the US, but almost everywhere in the planet. We know that elections can be cooked, but to make a move at this certain point, demanding vote re-counting in three states will look very suspicious.

Even if you have the purest intentions, you know very well that the Clintonian internal empire will seek to take advantage of your move, hide behind it and hope for a reversal of the result. What's the point? Bringing Hillary isn't an equal (or maybe worse) nightmare than Donald? You are the one who said that we could slip into nuclear war in the blink of an eye if Hillary Clinton has her way in Syria, after all. Is it worth risking it?

Plus, you gave the right to Far-Right conspirators linking you with the Clintonian establishment, pointing how fast you raised so much money for the recount. Again, even if most of the money comes from ordinary people who want fair elections, at last, the Clintonian mechanisms could easily penetrate with lots of money, and even find a way to alter the votes in favor of Hillary. Who can assure us that such a thing won't happen? That the process of recount will be clear and straight?

That's not how it will work. It will work only if the American people reject massively the bipartisan dictatorship. Then, it will be simply impossible for the system, no matter how powerful, to cook the elections in favor of its bipartisan puppets.

You have four years to prepare for the political revolution. Let Trump show his real face, and unite with all the available, truly progressive forces, to make this revolution come true.

1 comment:

  1. Not going to happen
    2....Flipping of THREE states would be WAY too damned obvious....sorry
    3...Trump would HAVE to be complicit for this to happen. was EASIER to pull it of the FIRST round...not wait until a recount that would have ALL eyes on EVERY damned vote.

    sorry...this just isnt going to do anything..its not the first time we've had a recount that went nowhere.