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01 October, 2016

The German sado-monetarists are ready to abandon the euro-ship

failed evolution

The German banking mega-monster Deutsche Bank, starts to experience serious turbulence, ups and downs. From more and more frequent reports around the media, it seems that everyone waits in the corner to watch the monster falling down, as well as the consequences of the collapse. Considering the degree that the bank is exposed to financial junk, in reality, no one could predict the consequences of the collapse, of course.

It seems unbelievable, but the German sado-monetarists appear to be stuck with the "rules", inside this chaos. Yet, their position now is more difficult. They managed to impose the new rule of bail-in in Cyprus and now demand to be adopted by all member states. They don't seem to realize that all sizes of the economies are not equal, neither all cases.

What they did to small Cyprus demanded to be respected by the systemic-crucial Italy. They refused Renzi a "traditional" bail-out to deal with the Italian banking crisis and now, they are standing in front of their own big nightmare called Deutsche Bank.

Despite that Merkel refuses to support the bail-out of the bank in front of the cameras, the technocrats are trying to find a way to deal with the mess, without provoking further anger of millions of EU and German taxpayers who are experiencing the consequences of economic stagnation and austerity.

However, it is obvious that the euro-circus is out of control. The Berlin directorate and the Brussels have been proved totally inadequate to deal with the refugee issue and the economic crisis. Some analysts supported since 2010 already, that Germany could be the first that would abandon the common currency, in case of a systemic crash.

Inside this growing chaos, it appears that the German sado-monetarists have been left with one option: escape the sinking euro-ship. It's not going to be beautiful, but at least they have a plan for a national currency that could restrict the catastrophic consequences.

But what happens to the economically devastated Greece because of their policies?

The Greek banking system currently depends totally on Draghi's liquidity through the emergency liquidity assistance (ELA) mechanism and the Greek government doesn't seem to have any plan B for Greece to return to national currency, yet.

It was pointed back in February:

      It is almost certain that the Germans and others have ready plans to return to the national currency. In case that the German monster fall to the ground, everyone will run for their lives. Greece will be left in the worst position, as it is now totally dependent on Draghi's liquidity injections, after five years of a systematic economic destruction by the EFD-IMF axis. Unfortunately, Tsipras administration has been proved unreliable to design a viable Grexit option. But now, Greece has the last chance to design such an option, in order to limit the terrifying, unpredictable consequences of the ugly collapse. There is a little time left for Grexit, which could be proved the lifeboat that would help Greece survive from the sinking of the Titanic.

Unless Tsipras pull a rabbit out of hat, it seems now that Greece is doomed.

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