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11 October, 2016

South Korea planning preemptive strike on Kim Jong-Un regime over nuclear threat

On Monday, South Korea’s Defense Ministry laid out the case for engaging in a preemptive strike against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DRPK) in the event that they determine a nuclear strike by the regime of Kim Jong-Un is imminent raising the stakes in a brewing conflict that could quickly explode into a major war.

Defense Ministry spokesman Moon Sang-kyun explained in a press briefing that a preemptive strike may be employed for purposes of self-defense if the regime determines that there are signs that North Korea is beginning to use – as opposed to simply test – their lethal nuclear weapon stockpile.

The comments come as the North Korean regime prepares for an imminent sixth nuclear test – the third inside of a two month period – with Pyongyang exhibiting increasing explosive yield and sophistication in each new test. The regime of Kim Jong-Un has also engaged in numerous ballistic missile tests with a recent test launch of components of an intercontinental ballistic missile that the regime says may have sufficient range to reach the continental United States – although analysts say they are not there yet.


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