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09 September, 2016

Stein: Wall Street should pay sales tax

Το the stereotypical question "where will you get the money?" that especially and usually the establishment pundits of the corporate media like to ask all the time, Jill Stein gives again the right answer.

In a recent interview at The Young Turks, Green Party's nominee for President of the United States in the 2016 election, had the chance to give the full and right answers, without being deliberately interrupted, or, censored.

As Stein said, the real issue is actually who, is leading the US government. Is the US a real democracy for the people, or a false democracy for the fossil-fuel giants and the war profiteers? Once the American people decide clearly which way they will go, the money can be found, and actually, work for the benefit of the majority and the environment.

A few key points:

We need an organizer in chief in the White House, so that we actually have the bully pulpit that's being used to inform and empower the American people who should be the driver of our democracy. We know that there is public support for a jobs program. We know that majorities actually support the right to a job and for a government job for that matter, if the jobs are not forthcoming from the private sector. The costs of this are actually small compared to the cost of the climate crisis if it's allowed to continue and the cost of ongoing health care crisis.

We know that by moving to clean energy, we actually save 200,000 lives per year, and that's just the tip of the iceberg of all the diseases related to fossil fuels. So, it turns out this pays for itself, just in terms of the health benefits alone are enough to pay the cost of the transition. So, it's simply a matter of providing the money up front that will be repaid in our health savings, not to mention our climate savings and the savings in our war budget, which is devouring half of our discretionary budget.

We could also tax Wall Street. Why should the most profitable sector of the economy, not be paying sales tax? Every day, Americans are paying sales tax on just about everything. All sectors of the economy are paying it. Wall Street needs to pay it. That can provide us the hundreds of billions of dollars. It's not a question of how, it's a question of public will and it's a question of who is leading our government.

What lifts up Donald Trump is this economic misery, this desperation in which demagogues thrive. Where did that come from? These were the policies of Bill Clinton supported by Hillary that created the Wall Street deregulation that led to the meltdown and the disappearance of nine million jobs with the theft of five million homes. It was the Clintons that brought us the crime bill that opened the floodgates to mass incarceration. It was the Clintons who promoted and Bill who signed NAFTA, that sent our jobs overseas.

We're being kool-aid boarded here by this toxic propaganda that's trying to brainwash us into a sense of powerlessness. Alice Walker said, the biggest way people give up power, is by not knowing we have it to start with.

There are 43 million young people who are locked into predatory student loan debt. The Democrats do not offer a way out any more than the Republicans. In fact, the Democrats have been as much a part of the financialization of student debt. We can bring out enough people to actually take over this election, to end student debt by bailing out the students. We bailed out Wall Street, it's about time to bail out their victims, making public higher education free.

We can create an emergency jobs program that also fixes the climate crisis, a welcoming path to citizenship, end the police violence, and a foreign policy based on international law and human rights.

We have the power when we stand up. We have not only the solutions we need, we have the numbers that it takes to actually win the day. Reject the lesser evil, fight for the greater good like our lives depend on it because in fact they do.

We are coming up in the polls without having any visibility in big media and remember, the polls are largely expected voters, but what we are doing, is bringing out unexpected voters. We are empowering disempowered voters like Millennials who've been sitting it out recently, like the labor movement, which has also found it very hard to vote on behalf of midterm Democrats. We are giving people a reason to come out and vote.

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