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24 September, 2016

NO EURO International Forum

The Coordination brings together political parties and popular movements that consider non-negotiable principles of freedom, social equality and brotherhood among peoples.

This is why we oppose the neo-liberal globalization, which is based on dogmas that are at opposite: replacement of democracy with the despotic rule of an oligarchic elite, cult of savage competition and increasing social injustice, suppression of national sovereignty in favor of imperial regimes.

The European Union, with its single currency, represents the most advanced and dangerous attempt put in place by these oligarchic elites. The European Union irreversible crisis pushes the dominant classes to sharpen the austeritarian and anti-people policies. There is no way to reform this reactionary and imperialist Union. It must be dismantled, supporting all the social emancipation movements.

Our Coordination is considered a place to discuss possible alternatives to globalization and to the European Union, and a vehicle for action to return to the people their full sovereignty.

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