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18 August, 2016

17 more Yemeni civilians dead from another Saudi coalition airstrike

After killing at least 18 people in two separate airstrikes over the past three days, the Saudi coalition killed at least 17 more civilians Tuesday, most of them women and children, in two airstrikes on a family home in the east of the capital Sanaa.

Health officials in Sanaa confirmed that 17 bodies had been taken to local hospitals after the airstrikes on a village in Nehem District, northeast of the capital, the New York Times reported Tuesday, while Reuters said earlier in the day that at least nine people had been killed.

The deadly attack took place in the village of Al Madeed against the family house of Shayef Muhsin Asem, who lived in the house but was out at the time of the attack. He told the New York Times that “after the house was bombed, family members rushed in to try to rescue survivors when a second airstrike hit.”

The attack comes just a day after the Saudi-led coalition attacked a Doctors Without Border-run hospital in Yemen's northern Hajja province, killing at least 11 people and wounding 13.

The attack on the hospital came after Saudi planes attacked a school in Saada province Saturday, killing 10 children.

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