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12 July, 2016

Maybe it's time for a 'euro-shipwreck' to wake up the Europeans!

SYRIZA MEP Stelios Kouloglou, French MEP with the Socialists Edouard Martin and Florent Marcellesi, representative of the Spanish Greens EQUO in the euro-parliament who recently participated in the Spanish elections with Podemos and the Leftist coalition, discussed about the Brexit consequences. They also talked about the political climate that has been shaped in Europe and the situation in Greece, Spain, France and Portugal. The discussion was held for the tv channel of the French newspaper Humanite.

As Kouloglou characteristically pointed:

It is now clear the EU is not attractive as it was in the past. The social status and conquered values after WWII that made the EU attractive are being threatened and restricted in many countries. We see this in France with the labor bill. Also, Democracy is not functioning. We saw this too with Greeks who voted two, three times to change the policies, respecting the rules.

What can be done now? I think it is clear that, for other European countries and especially for France, for the French government and for Mr. Hollande, Brexit is the last chance to change the political framework so that the political campaign for the presidential elections to start in a different basis.

However, I'm disappointed and surprised by the reactions because I think that no one in the euro parliament wants to realize what happened. It's like the Titanic that goes straight to the iceberg at the time when captain Schäuble and his team are dancing on the bridge.

I expected that the day after Brexit vote would be a serious warning for Europe, in order to change policies. But like I said, I'm really disappointed. I don't see any way out. I see the ship going straight to the rocks. Maybe we need a shipwreck, I don't know. So that people might wake up, change leadership, change policies.

We want of course to proceed in coalitions, to have connections with the progressive forces, with the Socialists and the traditional Left, with the new Left of Podemos, in order to change the current situation.

Kouloglou's comments show the desperation and inability of the Left to change the catastrophic course of Europe. But also the European people exhibit a hesitation to get rid of the corrupted political establishment expressed mainly through the Social Democrats and the Popular Right, while many of them are turning to the Far-Right and the Nationalists.

Maybe Europe indeed needs a shock to wake up Europeans who will realize that the current political establishment is leading the continent straight to the neo-Feudal era. Current neoliberal Europe needs to be dissolved and rebuilt through a more determined Left who will serve the majority of the European citizens, not the bankers and the lobbyists.


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