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03 July, 2016

Brazil’s coup: Dilma proved innocent

A report by independent auditors on behalf of Brazil’s Senate indicates that the impeachment effort against democratically elected Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff is without basis nearly two months after the official was suspended from office for 180 days pending a final vote by legislators.

The justification for the impeachment effort against the Brazilian leader was that she used a budget trick known as pedaladas, or the illegal delay of repayments to state banks, to mask public debt in the lead up to her 2014 presidential election bid. However, the Senate’s expert report concluded that there was “no indication of direct or indirect action by Dilma” to engage in such budgetary malfeasance.


On Tuesday, the top columnist for Brazil’s Folha de Sao Paulo paper, Elio Gaspari, blasted Michel Temer and his Brazilian Democratic Movement (PMDB) allies for staging a legalized mutiny under the title "There is a Coup" while even western media outlets favorable to the agenda of austerity and natural resource pillaging of the interim president are beginning to wonder whether the impeachment was more or less theatrical window dressing for an undemocratic overthrow.

Full report:


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