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10 July, 2016

A clear message to Bernie

While thousands of Bernie Sanders supporters are telling him not to endorse Hillary Clinton, the mainstream media servants of the neoliberal establishment are expected to increase pressure upon him as we approach November's elections, in order to declare a clear support for Hillary.

The usual "argument" will be used: Clinton is the only option now because the Trump "monster" is waiting in the corner. The establishment will exercise maximum pressure on Sanders using such an argument and through him, on millions of American voters who don't want another banking/corporate puppet in power fully committed to the neocon/neoliberal agenda.

From this point of view, this could be another indirect indication that Trump is only a reserve of the establishment, in a sense that he is being used as the odious monster in a psychological war against millions of voters who will be forced eventually to vote Hillary Clinton, in order to avoid risking to be blamed for a potential Trump presidency.

But the US dangerously sinks in violence. And this happens because an obsolete system is trying to survive by enforcing its corrupted principles through an inflating police state. Therefore, the only hope now is the third way of Bernie Sanders: the implementation of Democratic Socialism against the bipartisan neoliberal totalitarianism.

The third way is possible, because now a significant percentage of the US society demands a third political power that could really fight for the interests of the 99%, against the old, corrupted, bipartisan establishment that clearly serves the 1%.

Therefore, Bernie should follow people's will. He should not obey to the media "pundits" and their dirty methods.


  1. Good Advice, but I fear that Bernie is being pressured behind the scenes. Evidently, the neoliberal establishment will not heed common sense and will only respond when things come to a violent impasse. Americans are miserable from these stupid policies as is most of the world. This is the 3rd failure of these poorly-conceived THEORIES which should be sufficient evidence to discontinue their use EVER AGAIN, but won't, I fear.

  2. Well, how about joining in an evolution (if not a revolution) towards a future #BetterThan2Evils?