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21 June, 2016

Podemos: If we win and blackmail us, it will be the end of Europe

The MEP with Podemos, Lola Sánchez, spoke to journalist and SYRIZA MEP, Stelios Kouloglou, for the campaign of Podemos, the coalition with the United Left and the Greens and gave her own estimates for the outcome of the coming elections in Spain. She also spoke on how a possible government of the Left will deal with the pressure from Brussels. She supported that the economic weight of Spain is quite big, as it is the fourth economic power in the EU, so, they will not do the same things with Spain as they did with Greece. In case they will blackmail a new government of the Left,, they will lose, it will be the end of Europe and they know it.

Key points:

Sánchez expressed her optimism about the result of the oncoming elections in Spain. She said that she is certain that the Leftist coalition will be at least the second power in votes, but also that this coalition of Podemos with the United Left and the Greens to participate united in the elections, gave many hopes to the citizens. As a result, she concluded that the Leftist coalition has good chances even to win the elections.

Sánchez also pointed among other things:

People that used to vote Podemos, United Left or the Greens in previous years are super-happy with the Coalition of these three parties because this is common sense. They have the same objectives, as they are the only force against austerity, against neoliberalism.

It's impossible to have a debate with people lying all the time. This is not the politics that have been applied in the last four years in Spain. So, you can't say that you defend public services, or that you defend workers, etc., because you have not been doing that. However, all the polls by the media showed that Iglesias have won the debate and they were panicked by this fact.

The media are using the same argument, also in Spain, referring, for example, to Venezuela. They say that with Podemos Spain will become Venezuela. They also refer to Iran and North Korea.

      [Note: Such stupidly simplified arguments have been used all the time also in Greece by the neoliberal parrots in the media and neoliberal trolls on the internet. Even now, after Tsipras has been forced to sign everything that Greece's creditors demanded, they insist that SYRIZA may transform Greece into North Korea! The propaganda by the neoliberal dictatorship everywhere, is really unbelievable.]

Since Podemos were absolutely blocked by the mainstream media they turned to internet and social media to communicate especially with the young people and make their program known, without media interference.

      [Note: reminds a lot the Bernie Sanders case in the United States.]

For example, the media are excluding Podemos from a discussion on TV about TTIP agreement because they know that a different opinion will be heard, other than that promoted by the corporate lobbyists.

The referendum in Britain will not have any influence to the Spanish voters.

The Coalition with Podemos doesn't really want to break Spain. They only want Catalans to have the freedom to decide, like the British with Brexit, or the Scottish. They have the right to decide.

After Podemos was born, one of the biggest bankers of Spain said that maybe another Podemos of the Right should be created. A conservative, or, a liberal Podemos. A few months later, Ciudadanos had a lot of money for a big campaign and promotion in the media. So, the money came from the banks. They are financing this liberal party, everyone knows it. Everybody knows the nexus between the bankers and Ciudadanos. They are super-liberals, deeply neoliberals, but they are not brave enough to say that because in Spain we have been suffering by the austerity policies, etc. So, they know that they can't say straight that they want less state, less money for public health and education. So, they are full of empty messages: we don't want corruption, we want a better Spain, we can do things better, etc.

      [Note: the almost identical situation in Greece is expressed by the relatively new River (Potami) party of the former journalist Stavros Theodorakis, which seems that it is a creation of the Greek banking-media establishment]

The Socialists are quite lost. They don't know who is the enemy. The Socialist party in Spain bends to the Right. As we've seen in the European parliament, what they vote and defend shows that they are not Socialists anymore. Bankers, investors and so on, are asking for a big coalition with People's party and the Socialist party.

Rajoy wrote a letter to Juncker, asking for more time. He was in the middle of campaign, so he promised that after the elections he would pay, he would make the cuts. Now he says that he will not make further cuts, so he lies again.

The economic weight of Spain is quite big, as it is the fourth economic power in the EU, so, they will not do the same things with Spain as they did with Greece. In case they will blackmail a new government of the Left,, they will lose, it will be the end of Europe and they know it. Brussels should understand that money can wait, people can't wait.

Watch the full interview:


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