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14 June, 2016

Clinton vs Trump: back to zero options for the US voters ... again

... and it's going to be very ugly

political comment by failed evolution

After the wonderful trip with Bernie Sanders all this period towards his struggle to win the Democratic nomination, things "got back to normal" for the US establishment.

Bernie managed not only to put some color in the process, through his warm speeches, mobilizing the American youth and spreading enthusiasm in crowded rallies. Most importantly, he forced Hillary and Democrats to "bend" to the left, and start speaking about forgotten people's rights that have been wiped out by the neoliberal hurricane. It won't be so easy for Hillary to leave all these behind in case that she will be the next US president, because now she knows that all eyes and ears are focused on her.

An even most important achievement by Bernie, is that he managed to set the roots for a widespread, mass movement across the United States which could mark the beginning of the end of the current establishment. It seems that now, a significant percentage of the US society demands a third political power that could really fight for the interests of the 99%, against the old, corrupted, bipartisan establishment that clearly serves the 1% through the neocon agenda.

However, for now, we have in front of us an ugly picture. And it seems that for one more time, the US voters have no real options after the dirty exclusion of Bernie Sanders by the establishment.

Deeply pro-establishment, war-thirsty Hillary Clinton, against the reserve of the establishment, racist billionaire Donald Trump: couldn't ever imagine a worst nightmare ...


  1. AlanSmithee25/7/16 22:53

    From what part of space are you observing our planet, kind alien sir/madam? Mr. Sanders did manage to steer a nice large herd of gullible fauxgressives into the DNC veal pen by extracting some very very minor concessions on the DP platform (a non-binding, non-serious document) and giving a nice stump speech. But what in the seven galaxies makes you think Hillary and her neoliberal cronies "bent" to the left? They couldn't even get rid of that odious Wasserman-Schultz creature!

    Here, lemme sum it up for you: Sanders did his job. He'll get his cut. We're screwed.