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18 May, 2016

France sinks further into authoritarianism

It appears that France dangerously sinks further into authoritarianism. After Hollande's decision to bypass democratic processes in order to implement the new anti-labor measures "by all means", a new round of anti-democratic restrictions to certain groups of protesters - who apparently have nothing to do with terrorism - has started.

As the teleSUR reported:

The Paris administration has banned a dozen activists from demonstrating against the controversial labor bill Tuesday, including a photojournalist who regularly works with press agency AFP, reported local media Monday.

A police source later told AFP the prohibition was lifted once the journalist's identity was unveiled, but his lawyer Hosni Maati denied on Twitter he had any information regarding the lifting of the ban.

The French National Union of Journalists strongly condemned the decision, saying it was an unbelievable attack against democracy and freedom of press. The journalist had no criminal record; he claimed he never covered his face nor acted violently against security forces during the protests; and denounced the attempt to clamp down on freedom of expression in France when police brutality has been exposed in the media more than ever thanks to social media.

The other activists involved, mostly from the Paris Anti-fascist Action and the Independent Movement Inter-Struggles, received a formal communique prohibiting them from circulating in various Paris districts between 11 a.m. and 8 p.m., when the march was planned.

Recall that, on the occasion of the COP21 climate change summit, which took place in Paris, less than a month from the November 2015 terror attacks, the French authorities proceeded in unprecedented security measures, including activists who had nothing to do with terrorism!

In previous article it was pointed that “... how the new jihadist barbarians are useful to the elites in our era? [...] they can apply further suppression measures inside the Western societies without significant resistance, in order to justify the elimination of - the excessively advertised in the past - civil liberties. Progressively, no one would be allowed to protest against austerity in the name of security from terror attacks.

It appears that the "imaginary dialogues" turn out to be true:

We need another major event at the heart of Europe. We need to mobilize fanatic islamofascists to proceed in terror attacks. In this way people won't dare to resist against further suppression measures and they will turn to the far Right. The Left will be eliminated for good. [...] At the end of the day, we will have our desirable political puppets in power, but with much more suppression for the citizens. It will be much easier to implement the new conditions everywhere.

We will start with Italy and Spain. We will order rating agencies to attack, exclude them from markets and throw them to the ECB trap. They will be forced to take similar measures, as Greece did, in order to receive liquidity. Then, we will attack France and Germany. [...] We've already forced governments in Greece and Spain to criminalize protests.

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