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15 April, 2016

World's first virtual reality surgery broadcasted live

Greater access to the Internet will play a crucial role in improving training for students through VR technology.

Today, medical students, surgeons and other medical enthusiasts were able to watch the world's first virtual reality (VR) surgery when Dr. Shafi Ahmed removed a tumor from a colon cancer patient’s bowels.

Dr. Ahmed, a cancer surgeon at Barts Health NHS Trust, had two 360-degree cameras and a series of smaller cameras positioned around the theatre to film the operation. Viewers could then tune in to follow the operation through the “VR in OR” app through a headset or online via the project's website.

Members of the public, students and surgeons alike can view the surgery on their own devices, and through the use of Google Cardboard entirely immerse themselves in the operating environment,” reads the project's website.


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