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30 April, 2016

Why Hillary Clinton truly represents an obsolete system

... and why Bernie Sanders shows that Millennials could be the generation that is about to demolish it

by system failure

The recent victory of Hillary Clinton in New York, as well as these in a series of states after, leave little room for someone to be optimistic about a miracle by Bernie Sanders. Although it's not over yet, the odds for him to win the nomination of the Democratic Party have been reduced significantly.

However, there are many who believe that Bernie's political revolution has just started, and they are probably right. In fact, the totally-pro-establishment Democratic Party probably has made a huge mistake already, by letting Bernie to enter as a Trojan Horse inside, and start the demolition of this brutal neoliberal establishment.

The lobbyists of the Democratic Party probably underestimated Bernie's ability to mobilize millions of Americans and especially the young people against the establishment. This means that people make the difference, Bernie is only the appropriate tool. As already mentioned : “The establishment starts to sense the first cracks in its solid structure. But Bernie is only the appropriate tool. It's the American people who make the difference. No matter who will be elected eventually, the final countdown for the demolition of this brutal system has already started and it's irreversible. The question now is not if, but when it will collapse, and what this collapse will bring the day after. In any case, if people are truly united, they have nothing to fear.

The establishment mechanisms did everything to "muzzle" Bernie's message for real change, but failed miserably. This shows that the establishment already struggles really hard to maintain its dominance.

A key factor for the transmission of Bernie's message was the American youth. The Millennials, who have grown with the technology of internet, exploited the social and alternative media and actually crashed the mainstream media propaganda and absolute domination.

However, it's not just the technology that played a crucial role here. More important and highly hopeful, is that a generation that was born inside the absolute dominance of the brutal neoliberalism, without actually experiencing any other (even slightly) different socio-political model, has come in the front line of the war against it. Actually, when generations start to defy seriously the dominant system, the revolution is about to begin.

On the other hand, the billionaire class continues "politics as usual", that is, throwing millions of dollars to promote its favorite puppet, Hillary Clinton, towards the US presidency. This is actually a good indication of how much obsolete the system is. The elites still bet their money on a single personality, a unit, a leader, because this common, "traditional" process costs much less. They "invest" some millions in one person to get more power and some billions.

It's time for Bernie's movement to form its own political party. A third pole which will break the corrupted bipartisanism and become the vehicle for a real political revolution. Whoever become president, the next four years will be crucial. The movement is expected to become even more powerful and better organized, to achieve the final decisive strike against the heavily wounded establishment.


  1. Anonymous30/4/16 13:51

    A powerful and prophetic article; it is what is needed to bring about the reversal of the great American dumbing down.

  2. This lifelong Dem has offically quit the party due to it's support of the pathological liar, corrupt, wall street whore.