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10 April, 2016

The European institutions are turning against the people

In an interview to the Spanish website, the former Speaker of the Hellenic Parliament, Zoe Konstantopoulou, spoke about the ongoing financial catastrophe in Greece, imposed by the European institutions and the IMF. She revealed how these actually destroyed democracy in Greece, eliminated parliamentary procedures, and, imposed unconstitutional measures that brought the country in much worse economic situation over the last six years.

She described how the European Financial Dictatorship (EFD) blackmailed Greece the summer of 2015, through Draghi's financial coup, and, that she does not expect anything from Tsipras administration. She also said that “What is now happening, is European institutions with no legitimation, turning against the people.

Key parts:

  • The parliament is practically abolished. It is being asked to only ratify laws which have not been forged by the law makers, laws which have been drafted by technocrats, bureaucrats, eurocrats, laws which do not take into account the needs, the rights of the people and the principles of democratic procedure.

  • We have had during the last five and a half years, procedures of extreme emergency, which means that members of parliament are asked to vote some hundreds of pages of laws in one article, in one single day, sometimes, in less than a day. They do not have time to read what they are voting for, they do not have time to think about what they are voting for and they are being blackmailed with the constant threat that the country will go bankrupt, or that the creditors will cease liquidity and would make the country suffocate. Unfortunately, last summer, this extortion and this extreme undemocratic practice culminated. The parliament was asked to undo, to abolish all the laws that it had voted without prior approval by the creditors. And it was also asked to approve, to legislate, on laws, which have only been drafted by the creditors and rejected by the people. Rejected by a 62% NO Vote, at the referendum of the 5th of July.

  • There have been in Greece, a lot of court findings, which find that the memoranda measures, the so called bail-out measures, are unconstitutional, and are contrary to many international obligations of the country. However, the creditors, time and again, asked the parliament to legislate more unconstitutional measures.

  • What is now happening, is European institutions with no legitimation, turning against the people. Asking governments to sacrifice the people, in order to save the markets, and save the banks. And this is not an acceptable function of the European Union, this is not a legal function and it constitutes totally illegitimate behaviour on the part of representatives of the European Institutions.

  • Back in the summer we had what equals an act of war. A direct threat to the survival of the population. The banks were closed, and the people were threatened with a humanitarian disaster if they rejected the measures, which were put on the table by the creditors with a 48-hour ultimatum. Humanitarian disaster means that people would not be able to have food or medicine. This is an unacceptable situation for Europe. And, it would not have been a situation resulting from an earthquake or physical phenomenon, but it would have been the direct result of decisions by representatives of the European Institutions. My approach is that this is a completely illegal, criminal behaviour on the part of the representatives of European Institutions, and it is the right of the people, not just the Greek people, but in general the European people, and the people of every European country, to claim the restitution of democratic procedures, equality and sovereignty of the people, within the European union.

  • I have absolutely no expectations from Tsipras government. Alexis Tsipras chose power over people. He chose not to negotiate the state-debt, not to use the elements and the evidence which he had in his hands, and which prove that the Greek debt is illegal, odious and unsustainable.

Watch the interview:

Recall that Konstantopoulou joined Popular Unity, the party that came out of SYRIZA's split, expressing its most radical side, when Tsipras signed the third memorandum with the creditors.

As mentioned in previous article:

From a point and after, the media concentrated not to SYRIZA as a whole, but to the 'systemic threats' like Panagiotis Lafazanis, Zoe Konstantopoulou, Yanis Varoufakis and Costas Lapavitsas. Many of them joined Popular Unity later.

Generally, the media tried to "decompose" these people to the voters, as being totally unreliable, or, even having specific "behavioral" problems in some cases. All the "parades" of these people to the mainstream media had only such a purpose. It is something that the US media are doing right now, more or less, with Bernie Sanders, probably through a more sophisticated way.

The case of Zoe Konstantopoulou is characteristic. From the first moment as Speaker of the Hellenic Parliament, she took very important initiatives, concerning the investigation of big scandals under previous (PASOK – New Democracy) governments, as well as, the audit of public debt through the Debt Truth Committee. However, the corrupted media of the local oligarchs tried to manufacture ridiculous stories against her, in order to distract the Greek public from these important initiatives.

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