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21 April, 2016

OpenProject: Greece has now its own WikiLeaks

The independent website The Press Project created a platform to break the secrecy of the negotiations between the Greek government and its creditors, providing the details of the deal through leaked information to anyone who wants to be informed about this crucial matter. Crucial not only for Greece, but for eurozone as a whole.

From the website :

Two weeks ago, a Wikileaks revelation shook the ground of those negotiations. The reactions to that, demonstrated how public opinion can still play its part in the progress of the talks. Our opinion is that the public must become an active negotiator of its own.

Let us wonder who benefits from keeping a negotiation which concerns our future in the dark? Wouldn't the, infamous," lines in the sand" become much stronger if the citizens knew what the creditors demand and what the Greek government is willing to concede to? Even if the citizens were to decide that the Quartet is blackmailing the country but there is no alternative route, this would also be a joint decision which could be positive rather than destructive.

Nevertheless, 7 months on, the Media keep speculating based on leaks and information which often prove to be false. It is time to put an end to that. ThePressProject is publishing today the leak of the draft of the agreement (according to some scenarios, the disagreement) between the Greek government and the Quartet. Through our platform, you will be able to compare the agreement that has already been signed to the one that is being discussed. A set of our comments might help you get a clearer picture.


Since 2010 the Greek governments (and there have been several) have been negotiating with the country's international lenders behind closed doors. The will of the people, and even their wellbeing has been repeatedly ignored. ThePressProject has decided to throw those doors open and give the right to know back to the people. Our transparency platform leaks the draft of the new memorandum, as it is now being discussed to light. The Right to Know against the privilege of inside information.

Recall that Poul Thomsen, director of the IMF's European department, and Delia Velculescu, head of the IMF mission to Greece, have been caught thinking the possibility of the IMF to stage a Draghi-type “credit event” that could force Greece to the edge of bankruptcy, using the pretext of the Brexit referendum, according to recent WikiLeaks revelations.

The dialogues between Thomsen and Velculescu prove only the anxiety of the IMF to finish the Greek experiment according to the timeline, that is before the end of 2016. In reality, there is no different goal with the EFD representatives. The supposed different positions between EFD and IMF concerning the debt relief, or, the level of primary surplus target, are irrelevant.

The supposedly different positions projected by the media, are aimed to disorientate the public, as always, but at the current moment they help especially the Europeans to delay the completion of the negotiations with Greece, in order to focus on the British referendum. They will bargain with the British government and mobilize the "inside mechanisms" of propaganda, in order to persuade the British people to vote against Brexit. Afterwards, they will focus on Greece, and, as has been proved, they will not hesitate to use any means, including a financial coup, to force Tsipras towards every last detail of the Greek experiment.

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