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19 April, 2016

How the results of NY Democratic primaries could determine Greece's fate


The New York Democratic primaries today is one of the most crucial battles for Bernie Sanders on the way to the 2016 US presidency. However, this is not a crucial point only for the American people and Bernie, but also for Europe and Greece.

As mentioned in previous article, “... there is a unique opportunity in the Western world with the surprisingly strong momentum of Bernie Sanders prior to this year's US elections. Bernie has a long way to go until the US presidency, but the American people seem to realize their power on overthrowing the regime of the establishment. Despite all the problems, it is certain that the European Left watches the political developments on the other side of the Atlantic, with growing attention. In case that the crazy dream become true with Bernie as the next US president, the perspective of joint progressive forces against the neo-Feudal tyranny, could become much more probable.

Specifically for Greece, Bernie Sanders is the only one who appears to take a clear position in favor of the country and knows very well what's going on in the Greek experiment: “Sanders shows, also in this case, not only that he is fully aware of what's the 'real game' played by the corrupted financial system in the US and abroad, but also, that he is one of the very few politicians who tells the facts as they really are. European leaders and US officials were aligned with the Brussels-Berlin axis that insists to force Greece taking more measures, according to the devastating IMF mafia recipes. Everyone was expressing sympathy, but in the end they were saying that Greece 'must do more'. Naturally. They take orders from the banking lobbyists.

Recall that Poul Thomsen, director of the IMF's European department, and Delia Velculescu, head of the IMF mission to Greece, have been caught thinking the possibility of the IMF to stage a Draghi-type “credit event” that could force Greece to the edge of bankruptcy, using the pretext of the Brexit referendum, according to recent WikiLeaks revelations. The dialogues between Thomsen and Velculescu prove the anxiety of the IMF to finish the Greek experiment according to the timeline, that is before the end of 2016.

This anxiety can be explained partly by the "coming threat" of Bernie Sanders, who may blow up the architecture of the cruel neoliberal Greek experiment, in case he will manage to be elected as the next US president. In that case, current Tsipras administration will find a real strong ally in the American side. This will allow Tsipras to escape from the tight noose of the Brussels bureaufascists and the IMF economic hitmen.

Recently, the EFD-IMF sociopaths demanded more blood from the already ruined Greek economy. It is more than obvious that all they have in mind is to finish their experiment in Greece and proceed to its expansion in other eurozone members.

From all the above we conclude that after the British referendum in June and until the US elections in November, the EFD-IMF axis will proceed in a second wave of fierce attack against Greece, in order to force Tsipras towards every last detail of the experiment. We should expect again financial coups, closed banks, etc.

With a good result for Bernie today and in case that Tsipras will manage to survive the war until November, the possibilities for a real change against the fast-growing neoliberal Feudalism will be increased dramatically. Such a development will determine not only Greece's fate, but Europe's as well.

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