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05 April, 2016

Finnish government top officials congratulate each other for the beginning of the neoliberal nightmare!

Finland is about to enter the neoliberal nightmare and it seems that the government officials are happy about it! The cruel measures are now adopted even by the most advanced countries inside the eurozone and Europe generally. The global oligarchy and its puppets do not hide themselves anymore. The new Feudalism is here. Just check the picture below:

As Reuters reports:

If one fist bump could endanger Finland's increasingly stressed tradition of consensus politics, then Prime Minister Juha Sipila and a cabinet colleague may just have achieved this dubious distinction.

In a nod to popular culture, a smiling Sipila and his finance minister Alexander Stubb punched each other's fist to celebrate a breakthrough in negotiating one of Finland's toughest austerity deals in decades with trade unions.

The unions, whose members face de facto wage cuts in the name of reviving economic growth, were deeply unimpressed by the public show of exuberance earlier this month. Members were very upset. They thought that they were mocking workers, saying something like: 'now we can drive them into the ground',” said PAM union leader Ann Selin, who represents 232,000 workers.


Relying on traditional consensus politics, Sipila wants to persuade the unions to cut labor costs by 5 percent. It is part of his push to raise the competitiveness of the Finnish economy after three years of recession with some of the deepest austerity and welfare since World War Two.

Got it? The political puppets of the global oligarchy are happy to apply cruel austerity measures. They do not even pretend anymore that "they are sad" because they are forced to take measures due to the "urgent" situation.

If you need to see more of the cynicism of the servants of the neoliberal doctrine, take a look at the response of IMF's head to the Greek PM, after the recent revelations of WikiLeaks, who provided full coverage to the IMF economic hitmen.

And all these measures are imposed supposedly because the economy is in bad shape and needs to be fixed. At the same time, the Panama Papers, one of the biggest global scandals concerning the offshore fraud, erupts and proves that there is plenty of money to save many times, many national economies. Just picture it: the puppets of the global oligarchy demand fiscal discipline through further cuts from the people, when at the same time their bosses are laundering tons of money through the completely deregulated bubble economy.

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