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23 April, 2016

Did Bernie ever really have a chance?

Voter fraud is a major theme in this year’s election cycle. While the Republicans are completely ignoring voters, Democrats are resorting to other methods. The result? The ballet boxes are being used to suppress the will of the people.

The woman, on her to way to vote in the primaries, checked all of her documents once again. She had moved not too long ago, and although she had notified the proper authorities of her change of address and had reregistered with her party, she still wanted to make sure her i’s were dotted and her t’s crossed. Once she got to her neighborhood voting station, she went up to the man at the front desk, introduced herself and asked for a ballot. The man looked over his list and frowned. Double checking the name, he told her that she wasn’t on the list and asked if she had registered. The woman exclaimed yes and told the man her story. Quickly looking at her watch, she realized that she didn’t have time to vote, because she was going to be late for work. Now, if you were in New York City last week, that could have been you, dear listener. The race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders was close, and probably much closer than media pundits would have you believe. But why?

For starters, the Daily Beast posted this — “New York is a closed primary, where only registered Democrats can vote in the Democratic Primary—and voters had to be registered by last October.” So, it is important to note that Republicans and their bag of tricks can’t work in New York. This is a strictly Democrat party only issue. So, what happened?

The New York Daily News ran a story that dug a little deeper in the scandal. It wrote — “A spokesperson for New York Attorney Eric Schneiderman said that his office received “by far the largest volume of complaints we have received for an election since Attorney General Schneiderman took office in 2011.” The very next paragraph noted that-“Some polling sites did not open on time, citing too few election workers. Others had faulty voting machines, or were delivered half the number of promised voting machines.” That’s right. More sleight of hand to disenfranchise the voters. But it get’s worse!

In that very same article from the Daily Beast, a woman discovers that she not only can’t vote, but that she was registered as a Republican! “It was her 2004 voter registration, replete, she remembers, with her name, her social security number, her birthday—and someone else’s signature.” Get that? Someone else’s signature! The article continues — “Sure enough, the signatures are strikingly different. Next to a box checked “Republican,” her 2004 signature is written in clear, deliberate, legible cursive and includes her middle name. Her more recent signature is a loopy, illegible scrawl. She insists she’s never changed it in her life, and says she can produce old tax forms to prove it.” If this is true, then this is a clear case of fraud. The case of the mistaken party identity could possibly be explained, but the signature? Someone not only had to think of this plan, but had to literally get out a pen and put it to paper!

To shed some light on just how massive this fraud was, WNYC reported that “126,000 Brooklyn Democrats had been removed from the voting rolls since last fall.” 126k people gone! and that was just in Brooklyn! What about the other 4 boroughs and even the rest of the state? In fact, the very same thing just happened in Arizona. A story at Heavy noted that — “… many are questioning the results of the Arizona primary, after rumors of potential election fraud started circulating. Reduced numbers of polling stations in Maricopa County resulted in long lines of up to 5 hours that may have prevented some people from being able to vote. In addition, there were concerns that some Democrats were reclassified as Republicans or Independents, forcing them to vote provisionally or not have their vote count at all.

This is a conspiracy that goes all the way to the top of the Democratic Party. Time and time again across the country, Democrats are getting short-changed by their very own party and by the very same methods. Again and again, and again. Seemingly, the will of the people is fine, as long as they all “choose” Hillary. If there ever was lesson to be learned in this year’s election cycle, it is the growing divergence between what the people of the 99% think and what they say they want versus what the top 1%, the insiders, the bankers, the lobbyists want and think the nation needs. In fact, Rush Limbaugh said it best when he noted — “The polls are just being used as another tool of voter suppression. The polls are an attempt to not reflect public opinion, but to shape it.

So, what do you think dear listeners — “Did Bernie Sanders ever really have a chance?


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