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27 April, 2016

Common struggles: Greeks for the mass movement of Bernie Sanders!

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The initiative "Greeks for the mass movement of Bernie Sanders" has come to cover a gap: that of the information of the Greek public opinion for the historically important movement, created by the unprecedented popular support of the effort by Bernie Sanders to claim the nomination of the Democratic Party for the US presidential elections.

That's because the - global, not only in Greece - methodical absence of adequate and objective information concerning the mobilization of millions of American citizens on the side of Bernie Sanders, deprives from the Greek public opinion its right to shape its own opinion, without any interference, in order to realize that the struggles of the Greek people converge with those of the mass, radical movement that supports Bernie Sanders! Realize that these are common struggles!

All these, having in mind that Bernie is and was a steady supporter of the rights and struggles of the Greek people, like no other foreign politician. Not only by denouncing IMF and the other executioners of the Greek people, but also by supporting publicly people's resounding 'ΟΧΙ' (ΝΟ) in the referendum of July 2015, and its right to audit, denounce, and, refuse to pay the illegitimate and illegal public debt.

Yet, the initiative "Greeks for the mass movement of Bernie Sanders" is not restricted only to information. Its objective is to contribute to the development of a substantial solidarity to the growing mass American movement that supports Bernie Sanders, in Greece. That's because the initiative knows how much this new and radical movement desires and needs the international support from every corner of the planet, especially now that the American establishment is attacking it in full force.

However, we have the same ambition also concerning our initiative in a European level, encouraging the birth of respective initiatives in other countries, as well as, establishing the cooperation and networking among them. Therefore, it is not accidental that the Greek initiative opens a European (multilingual) Facebook page, at the same time with the corresponding Greek one, which already contains texts and information in other European languages.

Finally, the initiative "Greeks for the mass movement of Bernie Sanders", does not hide that will contribute, according to its capability, to the historically important and highly desirable evolution of the movement supporting Bernie Sanders, into a permanent, mass, radical and class movement. A movement towards the liberation of millions of workers, young people, women, as well as, Afro-Americans, Latinos and native American citizens from the bipartisanism of the Republican and the Democratic parties, which could change radically the status quo at the heart of the global imperialistic superpower and change the course of history for the benefit of all the oppressed people of the world and our endangered planet.

So, we address to all of you who agree with the above, and we ask for your help, support and participation. Write us at

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