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10 April, 2016

Bernie takes Wyoming too!

Bernie Sanders has officially won Wyoming in a blowout, meaning the Vermont senator has now won 8 of the last 9 contests.

At approximately 4:38 Eastern Time, CNN declared Sen. Sanders the winner in a landslide, with 56 percent of the vote to Hillary Clinton’s 43. Sanders will add a majority of the Cowboy State’s 14 pledged delegates to his current haul of 1,088 pledged delegates to Hillary Clinton’s 1,302. However, despite Sanders’ overwhelming support from Wyoming Democrats, its 4 Democratic superdelegates aligned with Hillary Clinton before caucuses even began.

Wyoming is just the latest of a series of wins in the West, having already won Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Washington, Hawaii, Alaska, and possibly flipping Nevada, assuming his county delegates come to the state Democratic convention in May. According to the Sanders campaign, Bernie Sanders has cut Clinton’s delegate lead by 101 since March 15.


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