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19 February, 2016

'US seeking to wage war against Russia, China'

The ongoing deployment of US and NATO weapons on Russia’s borders, combined with recent militarization of critical regions in Eastern Asia, hints at America’s intention to wage war against Russia and China, an American political and radio host says.

Speaking to Press TV on Thursday, political commentator and radio host Don DeBar suggested that America’s recent military movements in the Baltic region, the Korean peninsula and the South China Sea are aimed against Russia and China.

The comments came after the US acknowledged that it is deploying weapons and equipment to Cold War era caves in Norway, as part of its push to station equipment near the NATO-Russia frontier.

The new equipment will be used in a US-NATO joint war game, involving 16,000 troops, to test the equipment and personnel in cold weather environments in the wake of Russia Northern Fleet’s unannounced military drills in March involving 38,000 troops.

The US has also sent its warships very close to China’s artificial islands in the South China Sea, constantly challenging Beijing’s sovereignty claims over the waters.


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