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21 February, 2016

'They burned hospitals': Venezuelans against Right-Wing amnesty

A survivor of Venezuela's 2014 violence spoke out Saturday amid calls from the country's legislators to grant amnesty to those convicted of organizing and inciting the deadly clashes.

They burned hospitals and health clinics,” said Oscar Carrero, a truck driver who witnessed the events firsthand.

Dozens of government-run health clinics were the targets of arson attacks in February and March 2014, when anti-government demonstrators took to the streets to demand the resignation of recently elected President Nicolas Maduro.

Internationally, the anti-government demonstrations were widely described as peaceful, though Carrero's experience was anything but. During the protests, Carrero was driving a delivery truck packed with medical supplies when he was attacked by demonstrators.

They threw nails at the truck. The truck flipped over, and then they started throwing things … rocks, mortar. Then they threw a papita,” he told teleSUR. Papitas were improvised shrapnel bombs widely used by the demonstrators against civilians suspected of being sympathetic to the government.


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