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02 February, 2016

The EFD-IMF destroyers seek to finish Greece

One of the last prerequisites of the cruel neoliberal experiment: the destruction of the agricultural sector

Since the Greek economy has been systematically destroyed by the European Financial Dictatorship (EFD) and the IMF mafia the last five years, transforming the country into a debt-enslaved colony, the Greeks are left with little options inside this landscape of total destruction.

While many young, highly-educated Greeks fleeing abroad to seek a better future, others, are turning to agricultural sector as one of the few economy sectors that could provide a job and an opportunity of self-employment.

Well, guess what. The EFD-IMF representatives demand from the Greek government to proceed in further raise in tax and social security contributions for all professional categories, including farmers. The officials of the Greek government supposedly negotiate with the representatives, but there is no negotiation in reality. The prerequisites have been already decided since last summer when Tsipras retreated and forced to sign a 3rd catastrophic memorandum after the financial coup by the ECB against Greece.

These raises will be the definite professional death for many small-medium farmers, who inside this landscape of destruction, already struggle to survive. Everything proves that the policies promoted seek to eliminate small-medium businesses to open the road to multinational cartels in every sector.

As Stiglitz describes in his book Globalization and Its Discontents :

Forcing a developing country to open itself up to imported products that would compete with those produced by certain of its industries, industries that were dangerously vulnerable to competition from much stronger counterpart industries in other countries, can have disastrous consequences - socially and economically. Jobs have systematically been destroyed - poor farmers in developing countries simply couldn't compete with the highly subsidized goods from Europe and America - before the countries' industrial and agricultural sectors were able to grow strong and create new jobs. Even worse, the IMF's insistence on developing countries maintaining tight monetary policies has led to interest rates that would make job creation impossible even in the best of circumstances.

And because trade liberalization occurred before safety nets were put into place, those who lost their jobs were forced into poverty. Liberalization has thus, too often, not been followed by the promised growth, but by increased misery. And even those who have not lost their jobs have been hit by a heightened sense of insecurity.

The Greek farmers have started protesting and closing roads but the EFD-IMF representatives are pushing Tsipras administration to pass all the "reforms" by the end of February, early March. They start to put strict deadlines because they want to secure the "successful" completion of the Greek experiment by the end of 2016. EFD officials show that they want IMF "technocratic experience" on destroying countries. Wolfgang Schäuble repeatedly excluded the possibility of IMF withdrawing from the "negotiations" with Greece.

This is another fact that should alarm European people. So far, these policies have been tested in developing economies and brought absolute disaster. Now, despite all the catastrophe, the powerful banking and corporate lobbyists are sending their armies of technocrats to destroy a developed area. The disaster is obvious in Greece, but the devastating landscape starts to spread also in the eurozone periphery. Make no mistake: this is only a start. it will be spread further.

If you are still not convinced of what Europe has become, think about this: Brussels bureaufascists have sent another ultimatum to Greece concerning the refugees, demanding from the country to "maintain proper border controls", or, will be excluded from the Schengen zone.

And all these, after they destroyed Greece economically, while decided to give 3 billion euros to Turkey to deal with the refugee problem! They lost control of other members who close borders and act independently. They found again the usual suspect, the black sheep, the easy victim: Greece. They've only learned how to serve their lobby bosses. When a big problem emerged, they have been proved totally unreliable to handle it.

No wonder why euroscepticism rises rapidly in Europe. No wonder why we start seeing scenes resembling the dark years of the past. Fascists proceed in pogroms against refugees, even in the most progressive countries. Racism and xenophobia grow rapidly, but the clowns who run the euro-circus doesn't seem to realize, even now, where that circus is heading ...

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