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05 February, 2016

'Greece fell into a sociopolitical coma because of Troika'

In an exclusive interview at the Athens News Agency, the president of the most powerful trade union in Europe and globally, The Confederation of German Trade Unions (DGB), Reiner Hoffmann, said that Greece fell into a sociopolitical coma because of the wrong Troika (European Commission, IMF, ECB) policies.

Hoffmann referred also to the US rating agencies, saying that it is a mechanism that needs to be fixed, so that the "wrong medicine" should not be given. He described as scandalous the fact that the US rating agencies, who are responsible for the international economic crisis, continue to co-decide the European economic policy.

According to Hoffmann, Europe can be saved only with the enhancement of its social dimension, which can be achieved through a European minimum wage. A wage which must not lie below the 60% of the national income average, as he says.

Especially for the countries of the European north, the president of DGB says that there is a need for reinforcement of the employment contracts autonomy, which has been damaged significantly. He disagrees with Angela Merkel because she supports this policy for Germany although rejects it concerning other European countries.

Concerning Greece, he believes that the country will recover through re-heating the economic growth with investments. Further cuts in the social sector will reduce significantly the internal consumption. Greece has to proceed in reforms, but these must not include further social demolition in their core, as he says.

He considers the German government ineffective concerning the policies imposed to Greece and equally responsible with the Troika on defining the wrong therapy for the crisis. He also considers Greece as the tests field for the neoliberal policies.

Meanwhile, new evidence has come to light, indicating that EU officials deliberately put further barriers to Greece, while the country struggles to recover from the economic crisis and deal effectively the refugee problem.

SYRIZA MEP, Stelios Kouloglou, put a question to the European Commission, based on some documents that have been revealed.


On Wednesday, January 27th, the EC Vice-President Valdis Dombrovskis held a press conference during which he shared certain points related to the Schengen Evaluation Report on Greece, which was presumably based on a site visit carried out in November 2015 in Greece. Nevertheless, the foresaid Evaluation Report had not been adopted by the competent Schengen Commission.

Regrettably, according to documents revealed in Dombrovskis’ version, certain negative conclusions were included, not based, though, on a new site visit. Specifically, the following sentences had been added: “There are serious deficiencies in the carrying out of external border control. Greece has seriously neglected its frontier duties to Europe's free-travel Schengen zone”.

As mentioned in previous article: “Brussels bureaufascists have sent another ultimatum to Greece concerning the refugees, demanding from the country to 'maintain proper border controls', or, will be excluded from the Schengen zone. And all these, after they destroyed Greece economically, while decided to give 3 billion euros to Turkey to deal with the refugee problem!

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