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23 February, 2016

Europe in a situation of nervous breakdown

The remarkable "union" is ready to break into pieces. It has been proved that the clowns who run the euro-circus are totally incapable to deal with the refugee crisis. A crisis for which are responsible to a great extent because of West's bloody wars and interventions in the Middle East and elsewhere.

This is a natural development for a corrupted empire whose leaders have learned only to serve bankers and lobbyists.

A strong tendency of isolationism is what characterizes now many European countries, who start to act totally independently, ignoring common decisions. The banking/corporate puppets managed to create a repulsive Europe. Yet, they insist on the policies of destruction, as if they want to drive the EU into a suicide mode. Obviously, they have been occupied by total denial.

The centrifugal dissolving forces inside the rotten euro-structure are reaching now nation-states, triggering further separatist tendencies inside them. While the UK starts seriously thinking about Brexit, it is not certain that the Scottish have abandoned the dream of independence. Furthermore, Catalonia certainly insists on independence from Spain.

Nationalism and xenophobia rapidly grow. Fascists have started the pogroms against refugees. Everything resembles the darkest past.

The most alarming incidents recently, are the "celebrations" of German crowd as refugee shelter was burning down, and the situation in the Greek borders at Idomeni. Nothing can wake up the puppets who insist on the usual agenda. It seems that they are addicted to catastrophe ...

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