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07 February, 2016

Bernie shows that he knows very well what's going on in Greece

In less than six minutes in the following video, Bernie Sanders describes almost perfectly the truth behind Greece's situation, clearly opposite of the story propagated for five years by the Western mainstream media to manipulate the public and bury the enormous responsibilities of the banking mafia in Greece and abroad.


Sanders shows, also in this case, not only that he is fully aware of what's the 'real game' played by the corrupted financial system in the US and abroad, but also, that he is one of the very few politicians who tells the facts as they really are.

European leaders and US officials were aligned with the Brussels-Berlin axis that insists to force Greece taking more measures, according to the devastating IMF mafia recipes. Everyone was expressing sympathy, but in the end they were saying that Greece 'must do more'. Naturally. They take orders from the banking lobbyists.

Some extra points for Bernie here. He shows that he could lead a race against the global financial mafia, in case he get elected as US president.

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