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22 January, 2016

Why today, more than ever, we should support the state over the free market cannibalism

Davos and TTIP-type agreements show us the whole picture

short comment by failedevolution

Key conclusions coming from 2016 World Economic Forum point to a highly unsustainable future.


  • Hyper-automation impact on unemployment will be increased significantly

  • There will be further shrinking of the middle class in the developed countries

  • A working elite will be formed gradually

  • Saturated Western consumers will be replaced by other emerging consumer tanks

A key element of all TTIP-type agreements, is that they minimize the power of the state to regulate the market in favor of the local small-medium businesses and protect them against the attack of multinational corporations. Another basic characteristic, is that they promote massive privatizations in key sectors like food and water supply, energy, transportation, communications and medical care. Debt-enslaved Greece is receiving huge pressure to privatize what is left under state control.

Considering that civil liberties are increasingly suppressed under the pretext of terror attacks, while there is a trend for the privatization of the security forces too, the pieces of the puzzle are coming together.

As already mentioned: “... there is no intention by the governments and forces of the market to change the current model. On the contrary, there is a tension for further privatization of public property and businesses, and further deregulation of the market in every level. Which means that the only way for the elites to control the growing instability of this system, is by absolute suppression ...” [fa.ev/signals-of-unsustainable-future-coming]

Therefore, the only way to avoid this dystopian future, is to support the power of the state against the free market cannibalism. The state should have the power to regulate in favor of the small-medium businesses and must have the control of key areas in the economy, to prevent the new feudalism of the big banks and corporations. Furthermore, scientific research in public universities and institutions will promote new technology in the field of hyper-automation and artificial intelligence, which must remain under public control for the benefit of the majority.

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