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01 January, 2016

The indirect message to the 99%

by system failure

It is quite impressive, if not unbelievable, how people today know and discuss without any trace of surprise, things that would be completely unacceptable in the past. In fact, some things are considered to be so common now, that they don't even bother to discuss further. An example: government interceptions.

Lies and propaganda are so frequent that lesser and lesser people believe to the mainstream media narratives. We live in a Universe of illusion flooded by false information, false images, staged events, manipulated stories. The enormous quantity of everyday information is targeting the human brain, not to wake it up, but to make sure that it will stay in a "switch off" mode permanently. Someone has to dig really hard to find pieces of truth in the internet labyrinth. But this is also a sign that a system spends too much time and effort, trying very hard to sustain its dominance.

The events in Greece during the last five years showed that the pro-globalization elites who promote the neoliberal doctrine, have found more complicated methods in order to sustain and expand their domination. The new conditions in the Greek experiment have been imposed through the mobilization of conflict interests inside the shrinking middle class. Through the mainstream media narratives making the average Greek feel guilty for "spending above his means", so that the enormous crimes of the banking mafia to be erased.

Despite that the Greek people said a clear "no" to the catastrophic policies through the 2015 referendum, they have voted Tsipras again after he had sign the third catastrophic memorandum. In other words they have chosen to subjugate to the European Financial Dictatorship (EFD) and to the creation of the banking elite, called euro.

False flags, proxy wars, propaganda, interceptions, are being used in full force to make people obey.

The attacks in Paris and San Bernardino brought additional fear and made people accept further suppression measures, running to the far-Right for protection. In the vicious circle, moderate voters run back to the establishment political forces to avoid the far-Right. The Left was crushed one more time. People are trapped now between pro-establishment politicians like François Hollande, Nicolas Sarkozy, or Hillary Clinton and far-Right manipulators like Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen.

This is actually an indirect message-threat by the elites to the 99%: Either you vote for pro-establishment political forces, or, you will get absolute chaos with the Left in power. 

We had a foretaste of this situation, during the summer 2015 events in Greece with the EFD threatening to create financial chaos through the closed banks. Then, we had the attacks of the Islamic extremists.

But the system shows signs of degradation, as it has been fully exposed through the financial coup in Greece. The question now is not whether people believe in this system or not, but whether they will eventually choose to be subjugated to it, or choose to rise up against it.

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