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20 January, 2016

Sanders supporters: 'They cut him off, or, try not to air him on TV ...'

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Two young women, supporters of Bernie Sanders, show that the younger, who have access to alternative media, know Sanders and what he represents, while the older, who are informed mainly from the mainstream media, don't really know him. The mainstream media forced to start giving more time to Sanders, because his popularity was rising, despite his exclusion by them at the beginning of his campaign.

As they state among other things:

'People just don't know about Bernie. They don't have the access to him like we do.'

'And that's why I think they cut him off, or, try not to air him on TV, cause they know once he's heard, that's it.'

'Like our mom she is ... was for Hillary, and the hardest thing was convincing her and teaching her about Bernie, and that took a long time.'

'It didn't even come from us her change, it came from TV ...'

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