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20 January, 2016

Last chance to stop TPP

A new year brings new challenges and new opportunities for the international movement opposed to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a controversial trade deal that activists say threatens to allow corporate power to overrule democracy.

Despite widespread opposition and controversy, President Barack Obama and other world leaders are expected to sign the agreement in Auckland, New Zealand, in early February, according to a Jan. 12 report from the New Zealand Herald.

Opposition to the TPP comes from many fronts. There are concerns about how the deal undermines food safety, the local food movement and consumer rights, as well as its potentially devastating effects on intellectual property laws and the price of prescription drugs.

The signing seems likely to transpire with relatively little fanfare for a deal with such far-reaching impact. The announcement of the actual date expected to occur with as little warning as possible, reflecting how unpopular this global trade deal has become. Kevin Zeese, an organizer with Popular Resistance, a website which encourages activism against corporate influence over politics, told MintPress News, “They are not making [the date] definite because they worry protesters will show up.


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