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26 December, 2015

Varoufakis: Schäuble is the real boss in eurogroup

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Below, there is an interesting part of the dialogue between Yanis Varoufakis and Peer Peeperkorn, taken from his website :

-Who is the boss in the Eurogroup?

Wolfgang Schäuble. He’s the puppet master who pulls all the strings. All the other ministers are marionettes. The president of the Eurogroup has no real power. Dijsselbloem has no authority; he is a soldier, a puppet.”

-What do you mean no authority?

He can’t make any decisions without calling Schäuble.”

-Not the French minister Sapin?

(Laughing) “Sapin? Oh, no! Schäuble is the grandmaster of the Eurogroup. He decides who becomes the president, he determines the agenda, he controls everything.”

-And who leads intellectually?

Schäuble of course.”

-Not the president?

No comment.”

Of course, Dr. Schäuble is a puppet too. The puppet of the German capital in the real chain of power behind the curtain.

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