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21 December, 2015

The (not so big) political earthquake in Spain eventually occurred

Short comment on the results of the Spanish national elections by failedevolution

The results of yesterday's national elections in Spain were more or less the ones that the polls had preannounced. A relative disappointment came from the fact that Podemos didn't manage to take the second place, which would give them the chance to be the absolute regulators of the political transformation of the Spanish political landscape.

Although the political "earthquake" in Spain was not, eventually, so impressive, the reality is that the first step has been taken by the Spanish people. The political establishment lost much of its power with Spain entering into a new era. The two traditional parties that belong to the European political families of Popular Right and Social Democrats, carriers of the neoliberal agenda, lost much of their power.

The final results, however, give the chance to the political establishment to form a coalition. Despite the heavy losses, Rajoy's Popular Right took 123 seats, and the Socialists in the second place took 90 seats.

Although all the opposition parties before the elections declared that they will not cooperate with Rajoy, the Socialists can form with him a wide majority with 213 seats, far more than the 176 seats needed.

In such a scenario, Spain may experience one of the worst periods, as it happened in Greece from 2011 to 2015. During that period, Greece was ruled by coalition governments with New Democracy (Popular Right) and PASOK (Socialists) at their core. These governments passed the most brutal neoliberal measures under the Brussels-Berlin axis orders.

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