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20 December, 2015

The best time for a political earthquake in Spain is now!

The most crucial elections in Europe after the Battle of Greece

by system failure

The time has come. The most crucial elections in Europe are about to take place in Spain. The result will highly determine whether the European Financial Dictatorship (EFD), or eurozone, if you prefer, will continue its catastrophic project that applied on Greece and other countries of the eurozone periphery, under Berlin's hegemony, guided by the Western plutocracy.

Greece has been officially transformed into an EFD debt colony, after Tsipras' big defeat by the Brussels bureaufascists and Berlin directorate. Latest proof about this fact, is that the EFD officials did not allow Tsipras administration to proceed in a parallel program to relieve the most vulnerable Greeks from the neoliberal devastating measures according to the Greek experiment.

Greece has gone through a very difficult summer with banks closed during a financial coup orchestrated by the EFD's most powerful institution called European Central Bank. It was an effort to blackmail Greek voters to accept the catastrophic measures through the referendum decided by the Greek government. Despite the propaganda of terror, the Greeks said clearly 'NO' to the neoliberal catastrophe. However, Tsipras eventually defeated by the bureaufascists' continuous blackmails.

Yet, the Greek voters have chosen Tsipras again, in September's elections, knowing that he had signed a third catastrophic memorandum. This "paradox" of the Greek electorate behavior has been explained by the blog as a result mainly of a 5-year pro-euro currency propaganda by the mainstream media in Greece:

Popular Unity, the party that came out of SYRIZA's split, expressing its most radical side, had no sufficient time to prepare and persuade the Greek public opinion that indeed has a viable plan for Grexit. Costas Lapavitsas, who joined Popular Unity, was one of the most committed to the possibility of a national currency for Greece. It seems that he was fighting almost by himself on this matter, trying to present a reliable plan.


Of course, the main reason for which Popular Unity didn't manage to get elected, was because for five years the banking-media dictatorship brainwashed middle class with a propaganda of terror in case of Grexit. But the most impressive, is that the absolute catastrophe for Greece came within the eurozone and continues unabated!

Heavy losses for the EFD

Despite that the Battle of Greece has been lost for now, the European Financial Dictatorship suffered significant losses which reveal that this was only the start of a general class war in Europe. These include:

First, the strong contradictions inside the euro-dictatorship came on surface, and we witnessed the first cracks on the supposedly solid Franco-German axis.

Second, the true face of the eurozone has been revealed, its image has been seriously downgraded to a degree that has started to become repulsive, even for European countries that examine the possibility to join this club.

Third, the European public opinion changed dramatically concerning Greece, since the real role of the European Financial Dictatorship has been fully revealed.

Fourth, the euro-dictatorship has failed to achieve fully submission and humiliation of the Greek people, as voted clearly for 'NO' in the referendum, despite the propaganda of terror by the systemic media and the closed banks. This was the last thing that the German leadership and the Brussels bureaufascists wanted to see because they didn't want Greeks to become an example for others who suffer from cruel austerity inside the euro-prison. They had literally mobilized every available mean to make the Greeks vote for 'YES'.

Another special achievement, is that the Greek people turned their back permanently on the traditional political powers who have been the most faithful partners of the neoliberal establishment in previous years. Especially the Socialists (PASOK party), who belong to the European Social Democratic family, saw an unprecedented percentage drop in the series of national elections after 2012.

New Democracy, the right-Wing party, related to the European Popular Right in which Mariano Rajoy's party belongs, suffered significant loss of power. It is characteristically that the party faces serious economic troubles while recently failed to conduct a successful process to elect new leadership from the base of the voters. Coincidentally, a new attempt will be held today, the same day of the Spanish elections.

Similarly, the corresponding political powers in Spain have experienced significant loss of power due to economic scandals and corruption, and, because they have chosen to follow the neoliberal agenda without exhibiting any serious objections.

Podemos on the same path and its biggest advantage

The Spanish people have a unique opportunity in today's elections to crush the political establishment which will continue, without doubt, to apply all the catastrophic measures, according to the new conditions that the EFD wants to impose, starting from Greece and the neoliberal experiment there.

Even after Tsipras surrendered to the EFD representatives, Podemos leader, Pablo Iglesias, rushed to support him. This shows that the main core of Podemos consists of moderate Leftists who wrongly believe, like Tsipras and those who remained in his party, that Europe can change direction, inside the euro currency. As already mentioned:

... Tsipras also belongs to the moderate part of the Left which believes that Internationalism can become a fact through the common currency and change of the balance of the political forces in Europe. This belief appears to be adopted by a significant part of many Leftist parties in Europe and carries the contagion of SYRIZA's split to the whole European Left.

It appears that Tsipras and other Leftists who are about to be mutated into a more systemic-friendly force like Social-democrats - e.g. Pablo Iglesias of Podemos who supported Tsipras' choices - insist on the same mistake. They believe that things can change through the change of balance of the political forces in pan-european level inside the euro common currency. They will discover soon how wrong they are. Simply because euro is the tool of the elites to impose permanently the new Feudalism. It was designed for that purpose.

Therefore, euro is the tool for the neoliberal Internationalism to prevail, not for the Internationalism that the Left wants. Therefore, the eurozone dictatorship must be destroyed and Europe should make a restart towards a total different direction, through which the European people will decide for their future, not the bankers and the lobbyists.

Despite that Podemos appears to walk on the same root like SYRIZA currently does, it seems that the Brussels-Berlin axis worries very much about the rise of it. The threats of Schäuble against Tsipras and Merkel's expression on Rajoy's estimation that Podemos could take the second place in Spanish elections, are only some indications about these fears.

It is not only that Spain has a bigger "specific weight" in eurozone than Greece, but also because Podemos has a special advantage compared to SYRIZA and other Leftist European forces. As noted in previous article: “... the message from Spain is even more promising because Podemos was not created by small groups behind closed doors, but from people protesting out in the streets.” [fa.ev/signs-of-resistance-against-neoliberal], which means that Podemos was not created through the usual political processes. It hides, therefore, an additional potential which comes straight from the people, thus it is difficult to be measured, or, someone to predict its reactions.

We saw this on the Spanish regional elections. Podemos supported alternative candidates who triumphed in most of the major regions and managed to regain much of its power. The war on SYRIZA was also a war on Podemos, in a sense that the EFD wanted to spread the disappointment to the Spanish people too, and crush Podemos' potential. But now we see that Podemos gathers back much of its power and becomes again a threat to the political establishment.

A chance for a new common battle

Despite that Tsipras eventually defeated, his government exhibited lately a mood to start a new battle against the euro-dictatorship. He made a clear statement that the presence of IMF in the "negotiations" with Greece is not necessary and provoked Schäuble's reaction who wants the IMF "technocratic experience" on destroying countries. Also, as mentioned previously, Tsipras and his government tried to proceed in a parallel program to relieve the most vulnerable Greeks.

A rise of Podemos in Spain will bring much more trouble to the Brussels-Berlin axis, as will open a new bigger front. Just think the huge price that the Brussels bureaufascists and the Berlin political puppets had paid to subjugate Tsipras. In the midst of other huge problems, like the refugee problem, it is doubtful that they will be so effective against the rise of Podemos and their cooperation with Tsipras against austerity.

Therefore, the Leftist voters in Spain who are skeptical about Podemos' ability to bring a real change and fight against the neoliberal policies, should give it a chance. After all, the first step will be completed: the termination of a corrupted political establishment that will definitely serve neoliberal agenda, according to the EFD plan.

On the other hand, the moderate voters, both in Greece and Spain, should start to realize that there is life beyond euro. They should realize that Europe should be united only to serve the real democratic values and the European people, not the interests of the bankers and lobbyists. Therefore, they should start also to realize that this is an economic war, and that they should start the real fight against the European Financial Dictatorship, even if someday they have to quit euro.

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