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04 December, 2015

Militant Swedes drive to Syria in luxury 4X4s!

... while refugees want to go to Sweden to save their lives from the jihadists!

Swedish off-road vehicles have found their way to Syria, where Daesh terrorists use them to carry rocket launchers and other equipment; such cars are a status symbol in the organization.

Though the Swedish government has announced tough new measures against Swedish citizens who travel abroad or prepare to travel abroad to commit terrorist acts, some of those who have made their way to Syria managed to drive there in expensive off-road vehicles, the Swedish press reported on Wednesday.

The Swedish police suspect jihadis of stealing cars in Sweden or even taking out credit to buy them; two Swedish cars were recently found at the Turkish border.

We have had cases where we suspect that people take out credit to buy cars in Sweden, and subsequently disappear, perhaps to the Middle East.” Terror researcher Magnus Ranstorp said that the practice has been going on for some time, encouraged by the porous border between Turkey and Syria. “It is suspected that this has been going on for a while, and it was probably easier to get over by car when the border was open between Syria and Turkey,” said Ranstorp.

... around 300 Swedish nationals are thought to have traveled to Iraq and Syria to fight for Daesh, about 120 of whom have returned to Sweden.


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