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03 December, 2015

'Islamic State is the dirt of Imperialism'

Islamic State is the dirt of Imperialism. We know them well because we fight them for years. Their goal is to spread fear in the humanity. The peoples of Rojava [west of Kurdistan], having as a priority the respect of all religions, were not afraid ISIS”, said Dilber, the fighter of the Female Defense Teams in Rojava.

Key parts from the interview to the Greek journalists Kostas Arvanitis, Thania Vezou and Kostas Gousis

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Daesh, as we call Islamic State, is the dirt of Imperialism. Maybe is something new for Europe, but we fight them for years.

The goal of Daesh is to spread fear in the humanity, to disturb the psychology of the people. The explosion in France is exactly what they wanted. No one knows where they will attack next time.

In Kobanê, they were giving drugs to their fighters so that to carry on the attacks and spread the terror in our population. But they didn't succeed, not in Kobanê, or anywhere in Rojava.

They manipulate and use Islam to declare war. This is not Islam. Despite the fact that in our regions, the majority are Muslims, they didn't succeed. Because peoples of Rojava, having as a priority the respect of all religions, were not afraid. The opposite happened. Also, Daesh hates women. Women were always repressed in the Middle East and Islam came to cover even their eyes. As women, we sworn against this, decided to reveal ourselves and fight for our freedom.

We were taking the weapons from Daesh after winning them in the battlefield. They were heavy weapons of high quality, provided by the US. 70% of the weapons from Daesh were Turkish weapons and many identities we found, were Turkish, as well as the hospital equipment, medical equipment and ambulances.

The wounded Daesh fighters were treated in the Turkish public hospitals. There was no chance such a thing for us to happen. Six wounded from YPJ arrived in Ankara illegally and the Leftist syndicate of teachers helped for their treatment. Turkish state captured them and delivered them to al-Nusra. This was the situation with the wounded. Volunteer doctors were passing from Turkish Kurdistan without hospital equipment. It was a big problem, the houses became surgery rooms. As a result, anyone from us who was heavily wounded, eventually was dying. Therefore, the first target of Daesh, when arrived to Kobanê, was to hit the hospitals in Rojava.

Our fight is not only a fight of Kurds. We fight for all the Syrian peoples, Arabs, Assyrians, etc. We believe that our fight also touches the European peoples and people who fight for their freedom everywhere. We are fighting not only for the freedom of the Kurdish women, but for the freedom of all the women of the world.


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