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07 December, 2015

Far-Right takes France

Marine Le Pen’s party capitalises on Paris attacks to win 27-30% of national vote, the highest the party has ever scored in a local election

The far-right Front National has made historic gains in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks, emerging as the winner in the opening round of regional elections and coming top in half of France’s regions.

The projected score is the highest vote that the anti-immigration, anti-European party has ever registered in a local election and, if the party maintains the strong lead in next week’s second round, it could reshape the country’s political landscape.

The FN, which pushed a hardline stance on Islam, security and national identity, saw a poll boost in the wake of the Paris attacks three weeks ago in which Islamic State gunmen killed 130 people at Paris bars, the Bataclan concert hall and in a suicide bombing outside the Stade de France.

First estimations on Sunday showed the FN on top nationally with 27-30% of the vote, compared with only 11% in the last regional elections in 2010. The party came top in six out 13 mainland French regions – a historic moment for the far-right which has never before held the leadership of a French region.


So, how the new jihadist barbarians are useful to the elites in our era?

1st, they disorientate people from the real enemy, the elites themselves, who are the ones exclusively responsible both for the wars and the absolute mess in the Middle East, as well as for the new conditions based on the Greek experiment.

2nd, they can apply further suppression measures inside the Western societies without significant resistance, in order to justify the elimination of - the excessively advertised in the past - civil liberties. Progressively, no one would be allowed to protest against austerity in the name of security from terror attacks.

3rd, they feed extreme nationalists and fascists. The useful tool which the elites mobilize everytime they need to distract attention away from them. These are now quite useful to do the dirty job, which is to get rid the "unnecessary load" of thousands of desperate refugees, and, confront the Leftist threat which may turn against them.

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