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04 December, 2015

Denmark rejects more EU integration

Voters in eurosceptic EU member Denmark have rejected a government proposal to beef up their participation in the bloc's justice cooperation, exit polls showed.

In a vote watched by British politicians, who are locked in a battle concerning the future of that country's own ties to the EU, Danes were asked to entrust parliament to opt in to some justice and home affairs rules to help fight cross-border crime.

The No side garnered 53.3% of the vote in an exit poll by public broadcaster DR, and 52.8% according to a poll by broadcaster TV2. The exit polls came after polling stations closed, ending a campaign dominated by the issues of immigration and cross-border crime.

Denmark does not fully participate in the EU's justice and home affairs policies after Danish voters - wary of the "ever closer union" - rejected the Maastricht Treaty in 1992.


EU citizens increasingly loosing faith on what the union has become: A ruthless neoliberal empire run by bankers and lobbysts through their political puppets.

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