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07 December, 2015

Already confirmed: Civil liberties under attack!

Many activists have been put under house arrest until the end of the COP21

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On 24th November blog's article The ruthless elites construct the new enemies, a few days after Paris attacks, it was pointed that “... how the new jihadist barbarians are useful to the elites in our era? [...] they can apply further suppression measures inside the Western societies without significant resistance, in order to justify the elimination of - the excessively advertised in the past - civil liberties. Progressively, no one would be allowed to protest against austerity in the name of security from terror attacks.

Only a few days later, on the occasion of the COP21 climate change summit, which by coincidence(?) took place in Paris, less than a month from the terror attacks, the French authorities proceeded in unprecedented security measures, including activists who had nothing to do with terrorism! From we discovered that:

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls confirmed that close to 2,000 police raids have been carried out during the nation’s state of emergency, resulting in 210 people being taken into custody and 276 others being placed under house arrest. A further 1,000 people have been prohibited from entering French territory, Valls told lawmakers.

France’s state of emergency includes the possibility of 24-hour police raids conducted without a warrant or any other kind of judicial control. Police have also been granted the ability to seize all information found on computers, as well as other technological devices and equipment.


The state of emergency also enables authorities to detain or place people under house arrest whose “behavior can seriously be considered a threat to security and public order.

Human rights organizations have pointed to the fact that authorities are also targeting members of social movements that have absolutely no link to jidhadist groups.

Last weekend for example, 26 environmental activists were placed under house arrest until the end of the COP21 climate change summit, which began in the French capítal on Monday. Human rights groups, including the Ligue des Droits de l'Homme, condemned the move, saying the Ministry of Interior was “losing its nerves” by “conflating the social movement with terrorism.” The organization has also condemned the state of emergency for intimidating “democratic mobilizations” by restricting the right to demonstrate peacefully.

A major event has "conveniently" organized at the same place and in time very close to the Paris massacre. With the pictures of absolute terror, fresh in the minds of people, who would dare to protest against these violations by the police?

And another proof of the "retirement" of the French society to fight for its rights and promote progressive thought, as its historic heritage imposes, is the fact that the Far-Right of Le Pen triumphed in the French local elections.

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