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10 December, 2015

A first defense line to the neoliberal takeover of Venezuela

Executive control over Venezuela’s state-owned media channel ANTV will be transferred to the hands of workers, President of the National Assembly Diosdado Cabello announced on Tuesday.

"Starting right now, you will be your own bosses,” Cabello announced, in what is seen by many as a countermeasure to threats by right-wing lawmakers to displace the public station with private media outlets.

The announcement comes as right-wing legislator Henry Ramos insinuated during an interview with CNN Spanish that there would be a shift in ANTV’s editorial coverage.

Sometimes described as Venezuela's version of CSPAN, ANTV is a public broadcaster that largely focuses on coverage of the country’s National Assembly.

Meanwhile, workers from the National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel) responded to the threats by issuing a press release on Tuesday. “Moving forward, we demand those who are in control of the National Assembly to respect the Venezuelan people, their institutions, workers, and maintain dialogue and democratic debate,” the statement read.


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